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FIAGON   - Smart and Precise for Endoscopy



SP Integration

FIAGON Navigation System integrates into your endoscope tower.

The navigation sensor is embedded in the head rest of your operation table


SP Software

The operation can be planned precisely in CT, DVT or MRI images

The navigation of the patient to the image data can be done easiely and fast


SP Instrument

Our sterilizable FlexPointer is inserted along endoscopically assisted and indicates the current position.

The system does not interfere with your work routine. Our FlexPointer is navigated directly at the instrument tip


Documentation and Archiving

Our system records the video of the endoscope and the navigation information

This data can be stored on DVD or USB stick



FIAGON ENT Navigation System
The Fiagon GmbH is an enterprise, which offers navigation systems for surgery. These navigation systems provide surgeons with the possibility to plan the operation computer-assisted. During the operation the surgeons can realize these plans navigated. Similar to a navigation system in the car our system displays planned trajectory and position information to the surgeon.

The use of computer systems in medicine gets more and more relevance. In ever more hospitals for some clinical applications navigation systems belong to the daily routine. An important criterion for the use is that conventional operational sequences, like the instrument guidance, may not be disturbed. This is where FIAGON sets in.


FIAGON ENT Navigation System

  • Chronical Sinusitis – removal of adenoids
  • Operations with unconventional sinus anatomy (e.g. revision,
  • Partly removal of the orbital lamina
  • Resections in the ethmoid and sphenoid bone.
  • Frontal sinusotomy

Navigation Module Ear

  • Mastoidectomy: all operations that need an access via the mastoid involve a mastoidectomy.
  • Posterior tympanotomy to provide the surgeon with access to the middle ear

Navigation Module FUSION

  • Tumors at the frontal scull base

In connection with Module EAR:

  • Tumor at the petrosal bone
  • Tumor in the foramina
  • Tcoustic neurinoma
  • Tumor in the Fossa infratemporalis

Navigation Module Plastic Reconstruction

  • Symmetrical plastic reconstruction of single-sided facial fractures 
  • Plastic reconstruction of facial fractures with individual premanufactured implants 


Only the FIAGON navigation sensor is integrated into the tip of the instrument. This helps achieve an unrivalled degree of malleability and ease-of-use for the surgical instruments.

It is possible to reach every point inside the nose using only one instrument. No change and no calibration are necessary. No line of sight problem, always visible.



for ENT Surgery



For Neuro Surgery

Ø 1,2 mm


For Ear Operations

Ø 1,5 mm




Our innovations result in navigation systems that are ergonomic and reliable. The design of the software and hardware modules is tailored for surgeons in the specialist areas of ear, nose and throat (ENT), oral and maxillofacial surgery and neurosurgery, which sets our system apart from the competition. The FIAGON system can be fully integrated into the existing operation equipment.

The FIAGON software is structured in a clear and simple manner, meaning that users can focus their attention on those items of information that are most important for the operation.                                                           

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