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LENIO flex   System for Sinüs Ostia Dilation

Small Balloon - Great Effect



The Lenio Balloon System offers minimally invasive intervention for those patients with chronic rhinosinusitis who may no longer respond to or be treated effectively with medication

The efficasy and establishment of balloon sinusplasty techniques has been proven by several U.S. studies over the past few years

Lenio Flex catheters are suitable for treating ostia in areas of

  • Frontal Sinuses
  • Maxillary Sinuses
  • Sphenoid Sinues


Treatment Steps

 Inıtıal findings 1. Insertion of guiding wire  2. Placement of catheter and dilation  3. Removing balloon  4. Drained frontal sinüs


LENIO flex  

Flexible and Highly Effective Technique

 LENIO intro         

Tubes with a distal angle 0-110º for targeted navigation of balloon catheter into the respective ostium.  
 LENIO bridge   A unique handle that locks components together and enables simple handling and navigation of the sinuscope
 LENIO cat    Balloon catheters available in both traditional cylindrical shape and custom peanut shape for expanding the respective ostia
 LENIO guide   Guide wire in regular or light-compatible options for sinus cavity navigation and as insertion aid for the balloon catheter
 LENIO inflate Precision high-pressure syrynge for inflating the balloon including manometer for precise pressure monitoring

Use the new Sinuview Optics for quick and precise placement of the balloon in the frontal ostium . The endoscope enhances navigation and enables the correct placement of hte catheter under direct vision .

The catheter is inserted through the optical working channel and easily guided into position

The additional suction/flushing channel makes it possible to remove secretions or introduce fluids to clean the distal end of the optic.





LENIOintro Führungskatheter:


Ballon Durchmesser und Typen (mm) 5mm zylindrisch, 6mm zylindrisch, 7mm zylindrisch, 7mm tailliert
Ballon Länge (mm) 16mm; 24mm
Max Druck (bar) 16bar


LENIOguide Führungsdraht - Standarddrähte:

Drahtdurchmesser (mm/inch) 0,89mm/.035"           
Länge (mm) 500mm; 700mm


LENIOguide Führungsdraht - Lichtleitender Draht:

Drahtdurchmesser (mm/inch) 0,89mm/.035"    
Länge (mm) 1000mm


Joline bietet verschiedene Varianten und Größen an:

  Ballon zylindrisch
Ø 5mm
 Ballon zylindrisch
Ø 6mm
Ballon zylindrisch
Ø 7mm
Ballon tailliert
Ø 7mm
Länge Ballon
 NODK05C16  NODK06C16  NODK07C16  -
Länge Ballon
 NODK05C24  NODK06C24 NODK07C24  NODK07W24

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