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RADIESSE VOICE - Ses Teli Dolgusu


►   RADIESSE Voice is provided i a sterile ready to use syringe

►   No skin allergy testing is required

►   Because amount of filling or augmentation can be easily

      controlled through direct application

►   RADIESSE Voice is easy to place and convenient to use



RADIESSE Voice may be administered by

In-office Trans-Oral Injection
    • Topical anesthesia (drip onto larynx)
    • Connect needle (notice alignment of green dot) See Figures 1 and 2
    • Prime needle (~0.18 cc dead volume)
    • Note start and end volume to determine volume injected

Figure 1

Needle not currectly attached

Rotate to engage green dot

Figure 2

Needle currectly attached


In-office Percutaneous Injection

    • Transnasal endoscopic guidance
    • Local anesthesia
    • Needle has non-coring 'Huber' tip
    • Prime needle not start end volume to determine volume injected

 Trans - Thyroid cartilage  Trans - criocothyroid membrane


Operating Room Trans-Oral Injection 

    • Direct laryngoscopy or micro-laryngoscopy
    • Similar to autologeous fat injections but only with a 10-*15 % over correction 



    What is RADIESSE® Voice?
    RADIESSE Voice is an injectable implant that contains microspheres of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA), a biocompatible material, suspended in a water-based gel carrier. RADIESSE Voice can replace lost tissue volume in your vocal folds, bringing the folds back into contact, providing long-lasting restoration of your voice.

    RADIESSE Voice Gel is an injectable implant that contains synthetic polymers but no CaHA microspheres. RADIESSE Voice Gel is suitable for 1-2 month, short-term vocal fold augmentation when reversible nerve damage is suspected as the cause of the voice problems, or for patients who want to try a short-term treatment before making a decision to have a long-term augmentation done with RADIESSE Voice.

    RADIESSE Voice can be administered in your doctor’s office, using local or topical anesthetic. The procedure takes 10-20 minutes during which time you’ll be awake and helping your doctor tune your voice.
    After treatment, no recovery period is required, but your doctor may recommend you rest your voice for a day or two. In a month, you’ll have a follow-up visit to make sure everything is going well.

    Surgical treatment of vocal cord problems is a complex operating room procedure that requires general anesthesia. Treatment with RADIESSE Voice is fast, simple, and provides immediate, long-lasting improvement with minimal recovery.


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